Strength lies in Unity, Prosperity increases in Unity. There is an European union, which has changed the face of Europe. If we are able to create an Asian Union, that will change the face of Asia in all fields: economic, social, strategic and finally in the political arena.

In Europe they began with 6 countries; gradually they became 9, then 12 , then 15,then 27 Now  more countries are waiting anxiously to join. In Asia, also we can begin with 5 or 6 countries. Others will follow automatically.

There will be a new environment of peace with vigor, and tremendous hope of prosperity. Peace and prosperity in Asia will make a remarkable contribution to peace and prosperity in the world.

All Asians and all friends of Asia are invited to join this noble cause.

                              A possible flag of the future Asian Union--

              white background with stars of different colours.
              Each member country could choose a colour out of 
              colours of the rainbow for the star to represent it.

              Let us hope the future Asian Union will have the 
                harmony and beauty of a rainbow.



Hon’ble Justice Shri M.N.Venkatachaliah
Former Chief Justice of India

H.E.Mr. Mangala Moonesinghe
Former High Commissioner for Sri Lanka in India

H.E. Mr. Oidovyn Nyamdavaa
Former Ambassador for Mongolia in India

Mr. Yoshiro Mori
Former Prime Minister of Japan

Shri G.V.G. Krishnamurty
Former Election Commissioner of India

Shri Naresh Chandra
Former Cabinet Secretary, Governor & Ambassador of India to U.S.A.

Shri Tejendra Khanna
Former Lt. Government of Delhi

Dr. Sarfaraz K. Niazi
Doctor & Author of book on Ghalib, U.S.A.

Prof. Rahman Rahz
Kashmiri Poet

Shri Sandeep Marwah
Director, Asian Academy of film & Television

Dr. Beni Prasad Agarwal
Former Indian Ambassador &
Professor of Political Science